Hydronic Air Handler System

Enjoy efficient home heating and hot water simultaneously with one complete, energy-saving system. The Rinnai Hydronic Air Handler System makes the traditional furnace a thing of the past.

All-in-One Comfort

Connects to the RUR-Series, RU-Series, RL-Series and V-Series tankless models as well as the I-Series combination boilers.

  • Models With and Without Pumps
  • Compatible with Cooling Solutions
  • Balance of Heat and Humidity
  • Flexible Installation Options
  • Works with Thermostats
  • Supports Varying Fuel Types

One Complete Heating System

The hydronic air handler system connects seamlessly to select tankless water heaters and condensing boilers to deliver efficient, simultaneous home heating and hot water in one complete system.

  • Delivers high-quality heat to the home
  • Operates based on input from a wide variety of thermostats
  • Can be configured to work with AHRI-certified cooling solutions, including indoor cooling coils and outdoor systems
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