Why Your Furnace May Be Making These Noises

Now is when people start turning on their furnaces to settle in for a cold winter. Unfortunately, when some heating systems start up, especially if it hasn’t undergone a seasonal heating tune-up, there are some troubles that need to be examined. A major problem you may run into is your furnace making unusual noises – check out these furnace noises you should never ignore. 

Scraping Sound 

If you hear a loud raking noise that sounds like metal on metal, there is possibly something wrong with the blower wheel. If you hear something like this, shut off your furnace immediately and call Stallion Heating and Air Conditioning to inspect the system. There are multiple things that could be amiss with the blower wheel. First, it might just be loose and if the component is not too damaged, can be tightened. Second, it may be that the blower wheel is broken and needs to be replaced. Or third, it could be that the motor mount is what broke, causing the complete blower assembly to rattle uncontrollably. One of our service technicians would be happy to come over and take a look, and get you back to the noiseless and comfortable home you have come to love. 

Loud Bang When Furnace Starts 

If there is a loud bang when your furnace kicks on, there are a couple things that could be occurring. Two typical problems are a dirty furnace burner or ignitor. Expanding and contracting air ducts can also create loud noises after the heating system blower starts up. A soiled furnace burner or ignitor could holdup the burners from igniting, forcing gas to build up. When the gas finally ignites, it will create the loud bang you hear. This could cause a safety issue, especially if one of the small explosions caused the heat exchanger to crack. Not only could that result in a carbon monoxide leak, but you will have to replace the heat exchanger, which could be very costly. 

The other trouble, expanding and contracting air ducts, is a common noise complaint for homeowners with metal ducts. If your equipment is making the loud pop and it is caused by your air ducts, it could be an indication of undersized ducts, obstructed vents, or a clogged air filter. Stallion Heating and Air Conditioning is happy to visit your home to diagnose your trouble and get your home back to order. Also, this will also provide improved comfort as well. 

Whining Noise 

If you hear a high-pitched noise, it could be the shaft bearings are in need of oil, there is an issue with the blower belt, or the blower motor is malfunctioning. A routine heating tune-up will help discover these issues before they become serious problems so make sure you call us at 215-259-5850 and we’ll make sure your heating system is ready to keep you safe and warm all winter long.