Tips to Safely Heat Your Home This Winter

Annually, over 20,000 people visit the ER because of carbon monoxide poisoning. The odorless, colorless gas is known as the silent killer because it’s essentially undetectable without a carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide, as confirmed by the CDC, is given off by stoves, gas ranges, boilers, furnaces, and fireplaces so it only makes sense that carbon monoxide poisoning climbs during the colder months when people are trying to heat their homes. To help keep your home safe, Stallion Heating and Air Conditioning is here with a couple tips to safety heat your home. 

  • Install a CO detector on each floor of your home and change the batteries every year. 
  • Keep all likely sources of combustion, such as clothing, rugs, or bedding, at least three feet away from fireplaces, furnaces, stoves, or space heaters. 
  • Before starting a fire in the fireplace, be sure to check to ensure the chimney damper is open and unclogged. 
  • Don’t leave portable heaters or fireplaces unwatched. Turn off space heaters and be sure all embers in the fireplace are totally extinguished before leaving the area. 
  • Space heaters should always be situated on the floor, and on a hard, nonflammable surface, like porcelain tile. Keep kids and animals away from space heaters. 
  • When purchasing a new space heater, buy a model that powers off automatically if the heater tips over. 
  • Do not use a stove to warm your home. 
  • Have fireplaces, chimneys, gas or oil furnaces, and coal and wood stoves professionally checked and cleaned annually. 

The ultimate thing you can do for your furnace is to be sure it’s not only up to the task of keeping you warm all winter but also safe, is to call for your furnace tune-up. During your furnace tune-up, Stallion Heating and Air Conditioning will check to make sure your heating system is operating safely with a complete multi-point inspection and cleaning. Call 215-259-5850 today and ask how you can save on a furnace tune-up through November 25th.