Are AC Tune-Ups Worth It?

Scheduling yearly AC maintenance is useful.

Maintenance keeps your air conditioner system in Fort Worth running at peak performance while keeping energy consumption down. It also could even help extend its life expectancy.

While there are several tasks you can do alone, you should work with Experts, like the ones at Calverley Service Experts, for AC inspections and service.

Here are several steps you can do by yourself as you prepare for summer.

Get Your AC Maintenance Scheduled

Spring is a season of revival, and to many that entails a big amount of indoors, garage and yard sprucing. With the warmer temps near, it’s also a great idea to add AC service on that list.

Spring is the perfect time to get your AC unit scrubbed and checked out. Hesitating to turn it on until the first warm day of the year can be risky. If you need a fix or a new unit, you could be waiting days for a technician. And that may get very unbearable.

And for people with allergies, being well prepared with a clean AC system will help ensure the finest indoor air quality when it’s pollen season.

Also, air conditioning maintenance might be required for your equipment’s manufacturer warranty or any extra extended warranty.

Can I Do Maintenance on My Own?

There are methods that you can take to help keep your air conditioner equipment in the ultimate condition:

  • Put in a new air filter. Dirty filters block airflow and could reduce your system’s efficiency. While how often you should replace it depends on the model you use, the U.S. Department of Energy suggests each month or two. This is especially necessary if you deal with allergies or have a cat in your house.
  • Lawn maintenance by the exterior condenser. Ensure there’s no grass, weeds or bushes by your air conditioning equipment. We recommend keeping 2–3 feet of clear space. You should also clear any leaves or sticks that have collected inside your equipment, as this might limit airflow.

Let the Pros Handle the Rest

What’s left to accomplish? If you call Calverley Service Experts at 817-380-5647, the first thing we might do is compliment you for all the steps you’ve already finished. Then our Experts start the nuts and bolts. We’ll inspect your system and make sure it’s working like it should with these steps:

  • Tightening electrical connections to provide reliable comfort.
  • Lubrication to keep moving components working smoothly and potentially skip breakdowns.
  • Cleaning the condensate drain line to eliminate leak-inducing mold and clogs.
  • Fixing coil fins to stop reduced airflow.
  • Cleansing the exterior coil to eliminate any blockage from dirt and grass.
  • Checking controls to double check your unit is turning on, operating and shutting off properly.
  • Evaluating the operating temperature parameters to ensure your system has the correct refrigeration charge.

If we find problems that require further service, we are set to offer you the most reasonable choice. Uncovering likely problems in a timely manner can solve bigger problems later on. This also offers you time to plan if your AC is getting older.

When you need a new cooling system, our Experts will assist you to find the right solution for your budget. We also offer financing to help make your new unit fit your budget. Whatever your AC needs are, you can feel good knowing our Experts will take care of your needs.

Prepared to book your checkup? Call us at 817-380-5647 or schedule an appointment online now.

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