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  • Top 5 Furnace and Heating Problems in Fort Worth

    We have discussed common air conditioning problems, now we’d like to outline common furnace and heating issues Philadelphia homeowners often call Stallion Heating and Air Conditioning about. Although there are quite possibly hundreds of reasons why your Philadelphia home’s furnace or heating... Continue reading

  • How to Avoid an HVAC Lemon

    If you’re needing a new HVAC system, the two most important factors to consider are efficiency and system longevity. Selecting the right HVAC system for your Philadelphia home is the first step in ensuring a comfortable home throughout the year. Additionally, it’s extremely important to work... Continue reading

  • Questions You Need to Ask During Fort Worth Heating Repair

    It’s in your best interest to hire a licensed heating contractor for major heating repairs. Attempting repairs yourself is not only risky but also can take a lot more time. It could possibly even be dangerous to repair your furnace yourself during icy cold winter months. You may conceivably do... Continue reading

  • How to Maintain Your Fort Worth Home’s Vents and Ducts

    Your air vents and ducts are a key part in home heating and cooling by distributing temperature-controlled air to the rest of your home. However, some homeowners aren’t aware that duct system and vents need regular care to function their best. A buildup of dirt inside vents and ducts can not... Continue reading

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