Maximum Efficiency

Maximum Efficiency Oil Furnaces: Boast More Features While Using Less Energy

You want a peaceful abode and peace of mind, too. A place to relax, where the only time you have to think about your furnace is when you’re deciding what temperature you want it set at. The maximum efficiency oil furnaces we offer at Calverley Service Experts Heating and Air Conditioning in Fort Worth will help you turn this dream into reality. You’ve got it right – our oil furnaces deliver quiet, consistent and energy efficient heat in a system that will run year after year.

When you work with Calverley Service Experts in Fort Worth, you’ll forget your worries, knowing all the ways we take care of your system. Our technicians are experts in furnace installation and furnace maintenance. From the day you receive your unit to annual service checks, Calverley Service Experts offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Schedule a free appointment, and let us help with all your oil furnace needs. Read more about our maximum efficiency oil furnaces below.

Lennox SLO185V Oil FurnaceSLO185V

When the coldest days of winter arrive in Fort Worth, you want to make sure your home is going to stay warm. The key to that comfort – throughout the entire season – is your furnace. The SLO185V oil furnace performs well through it all. Further, all the features on this oil furnace seem almost endless. See for yourself:

  • Amazing energy efficiency – ENERGY STAR® certified and AFUE efficiency ratings of 85%. These achievements are received, in part, by the unit’s variable airflow speed, which may use 66% less electricity compared to traditional motors.
  • Less humidity, more comfort – the variable speed motor also helps you control the humidity in your air. This allows you to feel less sticky and more refreshed.
  • Improved indoor air quality – the “FAN ON” mode filters your indoor air and may takes out contaminants over time, so your air will feel better and be healthier, too.
  • So quiet, we almost can’t hear it – combine the power of the SLO185V’s heavy-duty fuel pump and insulated blower compartments and you’ll experience quieter operation.
  • Durability that lasts – insulated steel cabinet is finished with high-quality paint, and its Beckett Burner significantly reduces breakdowns and other service troubles

Lennox SLO183V Oil FurnaceSLO183V

Especially in Fort Worth, this oil furnace is fantastic for many reasons, most notably for its amazing energy efficiency. The SLO183V’s variable speed motor controls airflow with almost no noise, providing just the right amount of warm air. The motor uses two-thirds less electricity than traditional motors and received an 83% AFUE efficiency rating. Additionally, the motor helps control air conditioner or heat pump efficiency, so your purchase truly pays off every month – literally. The SLO183V can lower your energy costs considerably.

Energy efficiency isn’t the exclusive benefit of this equipment. We also love these features:

  • SilentComfort™ Technology – You will hardly hear your unit at work – but you’ll certainly feel its heat
  • Beckett Burner – Extremely efficient combustion, greater fuel economy and fewer problems
  • Heavy-Duty Fuel Pump – Reliable operation with option of rapid oil shutoff
  • Insulated Blower Compartment – Softened operating sounds
  • Insulated Steel Cabinet – Offers durability with a high-quality paint finish